Antispam System for Corporate – Pegashield

Spam now accounts for more than 90% of all emails.

Spam is all bad.

Spam is the abuse of electronic messaging systems (including most broadcast mediums and digital delivery systems) to send unsolicited bulk messages indiscriminately. Spam, or unsolicited mail, is infuriating. It abuses a service, floods your email account with illegitimate mail, steals your resources and generally wastes your time and money.

Spam now accounts for more than 90% of all emails.

Many people spend valuable minutes each day reading and deleting unwanted junk messages. These messages often bring with them other perils such as viruses, web bugs, offensive images and other unwanted content onto your computer and into your office or home.
As a business, you probably publish your address on the internet. By doing so, you open yourself up to more and more spam per day. Spam basically scans the internet randomly for anything resembling an email address and captures it onto a database.

Spam mutates every second of every minute, every day.

You may already have anti spam software installed in your mail server, or expensive hardware that installs updates daily into your mail server. Nowadays, this software and hardware works on “signature”, which requires updating continually. Initially it filters spam with up to 50-80% accuracy, but as time goes by, its performance will degrade exponentially as spam mutates every minute.

Why use Pegashield? is a dynamic, ever-evolving system that captures 99.99% of all spam without affecting the flow of legitimate email. Pegashield uses a sophisticated algorithm that ensures it keeps up with the constant, minute-by-minute evolution of spam and keeps your computers protected from it. Implementing this service is fast and easy, requiring no hardware, installation or ongoing maintenance from your end.

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